Moulin, Pitlochry, Perthshire, PH16 5EW
Ben Vrackie

Ben Vrackie

With the vibrant town of Pitlochry at its foot, Ben Vrackie stands majestically above the town, making it a popular climb for locals and those visiting the town.’

Ben Vrackie stands at 841 metres tall with the most popular path to the summit and back taking most walkers around four hours in total. Due to its appearance, Ben Vrackie is also known as the ‘Speckled Mountain.

The walk, although in some places is steep, is well worth the climb due to the commanding views of the nearby glens and the beautiful surrounding nature and wildlife. The wildness of the Cairngorms is truly captivating. Once you reach the summit, the viewpoint will give a helpful explanation of what you can see in the distance, if the weather allows it.

The paths to the summit are generally well maintained and well-worn through their popularity. What’s more, the walks enable you to experience all of the best Scottish countryside in its true glory; with the trail taking you through deep woodland, moorland and around the calm, tranquil waters of Loch a’Choire up to the summit itself.

There are several trails you can take to extend the walk if you want to take in more of the sights and sounds, while relatively easy to walk, the paths do have some steep sections as you come closer to the ascent to the top of Ben Vrackie.

There is a convenient car park for walkers just outside of the village of Moulin or can be walked to directly from the town of Pitlochry where many hikers choose to base themselves. After the walk, the perfect place to refresh yourself is the Moulin Inn, a friendly and welcoming pub that even has its own brewery.

As Ben Vrackie is a popular trail, make sure to get there early to ensure you have a car parking space and that you get to enjoy the views and walk in peace.

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