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Pitlochry Annual Events

Pitlochry Annual Events

Pitlochry is such an important and popular place for visitors and is a place where the community and tourists unite for great fun and revelry. Throughout the year, Pitlochry hosts many events that attract visitors from far reaches as well as bringing the locals together. Some of the best Pitlochry events include;

Soldiers of Killiecrankie
To commemorate the Battle of Killiecrankie that took place in 1689, the Soldiers of Killiecrankie is a two-day event remembering the battle and celebrating Jacobite Cavalry. The event is a truly exceptional chance to immerse yourself in living history as you learn how the battle unfolded and what life was like over 300 years ago.

As well as meeting soldiers in traditional dress, you can also enjoy battlefield tours, an interactive retelling of the battle and enjoy delicious food, all of which would have been served at that point in history.

Etape Caledonia
One of the most exciting and exhilarating cycling events, the Etape Caledonia spans a gruelling 81 miles including long hills and steep climbs. The route enjoys tree lined roads and beautiful views across the lochs as well as a steep climb to Shiehallion where you can enjoy views below of the Scottish Highlands at their best.

If you’re up for the challenge of 81 miles and the beautiful cycle ride with 5000 fellow cyclists, then make sure you sign up early to reserve your place.